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Introducing Harvest Auto

Sunfair Chevrolet, Bob Hall’s Honda and Greenway Auto Body Are Now Harvest Auto Yakima, WA – The Bob Hall Auto Group in Yakima, WA, which includes Sunfair Chevrolet, Bob Hall’s Honda and Greenway Auto Body, is changing its name to Harvest Auto and is introducing a fresh new look to go along with the new name. The name change will extend to its Chevrolet and Honda dealerships, which will now be known as Harvest Chevrolet and Harvest Honda. Owners Jaclyn and Jason Midkiff said it was time for a change. “Bob Hall built and acquired a number of businesses with many names over the years,” said Jaclyn Midkiff, who along with her husband, Jason, purchased the dealerships from her father, Bob Hall, in 2014. “Streamlining and simplifying our numerous businesses and logos into one will make it easier for our customers new and existing to find us and recognize Harvest as the place to come for all of their automotive needs.”
The new name and logo, which incorporates a leaf icon as the “v” in Harvest, are a nod to Yakima Valley’s booming agricultural industry. “This one word embodies the area in which we live and work and the process of growing, cultivating and harvesting—whether it be apples, hops, grapes, cherries or any of the other fruits and vegetables that are grown in our valley,” Jason Midkiff said. The Midkiffs say the change will be rolled out over the next several months, and the new
logo will begin to be used on license plates, websites and eventually physical signage.
“It is impossible to change everything at once,” Jason said.

About Harvest Auto

The Harvest Auto story began in 1976, when Bob Hall, founder, opened Sunfair Chevrolet, Inc. in downtown Yakima, WA. Franchises were added in 1981 (Isuzu), 1991 (Mazda) and in 1989 Hall purchased Lynch Motor Co., located on seven acres adjacent to the Sunfair dealership. The Bob Hall team expanded to over 150 automotive professionals as all franchises grew to lead the Central Washington automobile market in vehicle and service sales and collision repair.

In 2005, the Mazda dealership moved into a new facility and the Honda dealership was remodeled. Sunfair Chevrolet, meanwhile, was also expanded. In 2014, Bob Hall’s daughter, Jaclyn Midkiff, and her husband, Jason Midkiff, purchased the dealerships from proud parents, Bob and Gayle, thus carrying on the family tradition.

In 2018, Sunfair Chevrolet, Bob Hall’s Honda, Bob Hall’s Mazda and Greenway Auto Body were brought under one name, Harvest Auto, with the goal of helping customers and the community better find and recognize its dealerships and service centers. With a new name and a renewed energy, Harvest Auto aims to be the name that customers trust for all of their automotive needs.

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